TAKHTAJANIELLA V.E.Avet., Sist. Evol. Vyssh. Rast.: 54 (1980).

Herbs annual. Trichomes sessile, irregularly 2–6-rayed, with appressed rays and without webbing. Multicellular glands absent. Stems ascending to decumbent, many branched, leafy, not spiny. Basal leaves soon withered subsessile, not rosulate, simple, entire; cauline leaves sessile, attenuate, not auriculate at base, entire. Racemes several flowered, ebracteate, corymbose, unbranched, not or only slightly elongated and subcapitate in fruit; rachis straight; fruiting pedicels divaricate, persistent. Sepals oblong, free, deciduous, erect, equal, base of lateral pair not saccate; petals white, erect at base with flaring blade, longer than sepals; blade obovate, apex rounded; claw differentiated from blade, shorter than sepals, glabrous, unappendaged, entire; stamens 6, slightly exserted, erect, tetradynamous; filaments glabrous, free, those of median stamens with a basal tooth, lateral pair with a short undivided appendage; anthers ovate, not apiculate; nectar glands 4, lateral, 1 on each side of lateral stamens, median glands absent; ovules 4 per ovary; placentation subapical. Fruit dehiscent, capsular silicles, obovoid-globose, cuneate at base, latiseptate, inflated, unsegmented; valves papery, reticulate veined, glabrous, not keeled, smooth, wingless, unappendaged; gynophore minute; replum rounded, visible; septum complete, membranous, veinless; style 1–1.5 mm long, persistent; stigma capitate, entire, unappendaged. Seeds aseriate, winged all around, ovate; seed coat not mucilaginous when wetted, funicle adnate to septum; cotyledons accumbent.